Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy

Accelerate Your Hair Restoration Journey
  • We inject Platelet Rich Plasma from your blood into your scalp to stimulate hair growth and promote healing after a hair transplant. This treatment can be used independently or with other hair restoration procedures for better results.


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Lasting Hair Loss Solution
  • Recommended for hair loss due to genetics, hormonal changes, and other factors, this procedure uses hair follicles individually extracted from the donor area and implants them into the recipient area.

Micro FUE Sapphire

Minimally Invasive, Natural Results
  • We use Sapphire blades to extract individual hair follicles from the donor area and implant them into the recipient area through tiny, precise incisions. This approach allows for minimal scarring and a faster recovery time.


DHI Implantation

Advanced. Precise. Effective
  • Using an advanced tool, the Choi Pen, we implant hair follicles directly into the recipient area without incisions or slits. The minimally invasive technique can result in a natural-looking and permanent solution for hair loss.

Afro Transplant

Say Goodbye To Hair loss While Preserving Your Natural Hair Texture
  • Considering hair texture, density, and curl pattern, we take a specialized approach to extract and implant your hair follicles to achieve a natural-looking result.


Beard Transplant

Get A Fuller, More Well-Defined Beard
  • Improve your beard’s appearance and eliminate uneven, patchy growth. We harvest hair from the scalp or other body parts and transplant it to the beard area to create a fuller, thicker beard.

Women's Hair Transplant

Get Fuller, Healthier Hair
  • Considering your hair loss pattern, we match and mimic your natural hair growth characteristics during the procedure, resulting in a natural-looking and permanent solution for female hair loss.


Eyebrow Transplant

Get Fuller, More Defined Brows
  • We implant individual hair follicles into the eyebrow area to create a fuller, more defined, natural-looking brow and a permanent solution for thin or sparse eyebrows.